Ruthie is Now Using Wintersong, a Gift From Brian Gardner

beginningWhen I set out to learn web design, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would fall in love. I love creating websites. Just love it! It’s kinda crazy. And never did I imagine I would ever find something as cool as the Genesis Framework from Studiopress. When I first started looking into this web design stuff, I was struggling to teach myself code: HTML and CSS. Even with trying to learn just those two, I was the ragamuffin of coders. I still am. At one point, I almost lost hope in being able to create something beautiful… and then I found Genesis. Genesis was not the first framework I was introduced to, but it’s the one that stuck. While I am not the best designer or developer/coder (by ANY means), I have learned so much from Genesis (and also Dynamik for Genesis). It’s kinda ridiculous. So, while originally I was the lowest ragamuffin in the web design world, I feel I can say I moved up a few rungs.

And if that wasn’t enough, with Genesis owned by 96,000 people¬†and running on 13 of the 30 top marketing blogs online, you would think the creator would have little to no time for us lowly people. You would be wrong. Mr. Brian Gardner, the creator of Genesis,¬†is a cool dude. He’s so personable with his customers, it’s really amazing. He might actually kinda know me by name…ish. In fact, he ran this contest in which he gave away the very theme on which you’re reading this very post. I was one of the blessed winners. This theme is called Wintersong and it’s not even out yet! Annnnnnnd it’s the theme he uses on his personal site. Only 12 people + Brian own it. Such awesomeness.

So with this new theme, I start this new blog. This blog (vs. my other one) will focus on stuff of a more personal and serious nature. Stuff like my faith, my relationship status (or lack thereof), and my experiences as a parenting coach. I hope you come back for a read once in a while.

And if not to read, come back and admire the beautiful theme!

Thanks Mr. Brian Gardner!


  1. says

    Hey Ruthie, looking good around here! :-)

    Nice to see you’re using the theme, and thanks for the shout out. Hope you enjoy the simplicity that Wintersong offers!

    (side note, if you want to get rid of the hover effect on your logo, simply disable the Gravatar Hovercards in Jetpack.)

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